Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching Vs Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring have a key role to play in enabling colleagues throughout our system to meet the health, social and economic challenges that we currently face.

At its simplest, coaching and mentoring provide support to individuals, adding to their personal flexibility and resilience. They both help to:

  • Develop self-awareness
  • Clarify or find a sense of purpose and balance
  • Help the individual to manage and enhance the impact of self on their work relationships and environment

Having a coach or mentor can also help people to a greater support to others, instilling in themselves a coaching style when working with peers, their team and their line managers.

For more information on coaching and mentoring across the LLR Health and Social Care System please follow the link below



Coaching Vs Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are terms which are often used interchangeably but intrinsically different.

The table on the right offers a snapshot of a few of the differences.


Our Pool of Coaches and Mentors

We are currently recruiting coaches and mentors and are looking to hear from anyone working within LLR who has mentoring qualifications or who is qualified at ILM5 (or equivalent) in coaching.

You will be offered CPD as a member of the pool.

In order to measure activity and take-up we will also require you to feedback the number of coaching /mentoring hours you undertake each month as well as any emerging themes as this may influence future work within other workstreams.

If you would like to get involved please contact us.

Request a Coach / Mentor

If you would like further information on the Academy Coaching / Mentoring scheme or are interested in accessing one of our coaches, please contact us. Our coaching coordinator will be in touch with you soon!