Inclusive Decision Making Framework (IDMF)

What is the IDMF?

What is the IDMF about:

During 2020, the IDMF was developed to embed equality and health inequality considerations within decision making.

The framework is based around six steps in which equality and health inequality considerations are embedded within each stage of decisions being made. The IDMF will help to:

  • Foster a culture of Inclusive Decision Making across the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland (LLR) system
  • Provide a shared Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) resource across different system partners
  • Provide practical steps to ensure that the needs of different communities and staff are considered in decision making and plans
  • Meet the challenges of delivering the NHS Long Term Plan across LLR
  • Meet our legal duties – in terms of equality, reducing health inequalities and human rights

Implementation work

Implementation of the IDMF will commence in Spring 2021 with workshops and engagement activities taking place with key teams across the LLR system. It is envisaged that implementation will go hand in hand with support and resources – these will become available on this page soon.

The implementation of the framework presents a period of transition in terms of processes and systems. In time, all LLR system partners will be required to align systems, policies, and processes to the IDMF.

The IDMF is an innovative approach that should embed equality, address bias, and improve decision making from the outset of proposals. Its success will require support from all LLR system wide partners and staff involved in decision making.

A number of design groups have already started to embed the IDMF and it has also been adopted by the LLR Covid-19 Vaccination Programme whose application of the framework has been hailed as exemplar practice by the Midlands Health Inequalities group.

For further information:

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